Privacy Policy

Privacy Notice

Benme, UAB knows that our users value their privacy and protection of personal data highly. We take the matter or protecting personal data very seriously. Please take a minute to read our privacy notice.
What does our privacy notice include?
The privacy notice of Stebby includes the privacy terms and conditions of all the websites and services managed by us and the protection of personal data of private users (hereinafter referred to as the User) in those online environments. This notice does not include the rules and work organization of our customers or service providers. Our customers and service providers, who have agreed to the terms of use established by Benme that provide how customers transmit us the data of their employees and how service providers must handle the data from us for providing the service, have been informed of the requirements of our privacy notice. We will always do our best to identify possible violations and upon discovery notify the customer, whose data has been misused as well as the law enforcement authorities.
Controller of personal data
The controller of personal data collected via Benme web services is Benme, UAB (Lithuanian Business Register Code 305709325), located in Vilnius, A. Rotundo g. 2-23. Contact information: hello@benme,io, telephone +370 676 43122.
The data transmitted by Users via Benme web service
There are several different activities that a User can carry out on our website without the transmission of personal data. Such services include, for example, viewing the profiles of service providers and the services they provide, viewing the content and prices of services provided by Stebby or reading our blog posts. A user’s profile is created upon the registration of a user name and this process involves recording personal data, including the User’s name, e-mail address, personal identification code, sex, phone number, data of the employer. Using the Benme web service produces data regarding the User’s choices of products and services.
Automatically registered data
Over the course of using Benme web services, the following data is registered automatically: the User’s IP address and the approximate location based on the IP address; browser version; information about cookies, and the pages that the User visits in our online environment.
Why do we collect data?
We do not sell or rent User data to third parties. We collect data so that Users could employ products and services in the Benme web service. Location data is collected so that Users could find the products and services nearest to them as quickly as possible. The data related to products and services is chosen via Benme web service is collected for non-personal data processing (analytics) and for forwarding personalized direct marketing messages, provided that the User has given the corresponding consent.
Recipients of personal data
In case of compensation of various expenses by the employer, the Benme web service enables the employer to receive information about the compensation used by their employees among Users in the amount of compensation the employer has paid to their employees. Benme employs software by third parties for enhancing our service. For example, the User’s e-mail addresses, alongside with information regarding whether the User has agreed to direct marketing or not, are forwarded to our cooperation partner Vero ( whose service is employed by Benme for sending out newsletters and notifications. This data may also be forwarded to different service providers employed by Benme in the future. In each such instance Benme will try its best to ensure that the service provider’s privacy requirements would be in accordance with currently valid legislation and the Users’ personal data would be stored and transmitted in a secure manner.
Where is Users’ personal data stored and how is it transmitted?
The personal data collected via Benme web service is not transmitted to countries outside the European Union or to countries that lack personal data protection legislation in compliance with the standards of the European Union. Data is stored in servers located in a European Union member state.
Public personal data
When using the Benme web service, the User agrees that other Users are able to search for the User by name through the search window and check whether the User has an account with the Benme web service whilst also viewing the public information on the User’s account. The User has the possibility of limiting the visibility of training information by other Users in the settings of the User’s account.
We use cookies in our web service. Cookies are small pieces of information that are stored by the User’s browser on the hard drive of the User’s device. These allow us to check whether the User is logged in and which are the User’s preferred usage settings. Each User may disable cookies in their web browser and delete the cookies that have already been saved. However, in such a case we are not able to guarantee the flawless functioning of Benme web services.
How is the User’s personal data protected?
User’s accounts in Benme web service are protected by passwords for ensuring safety and privacy. Be careful as a User and do not give out your password to third parties, do not use passwords that are not easily guessed, and avoid using the same password in several web services.
Do not leave your Benme account logged in in unfamiliar devices.Benme data requests are encrypted. Within the company, we employ reasonable technical and organizational-administrative solutions for transmitting personal data between employees and cooperation partners.Though we try our hardest and work towards keeping the User’s personal data protected and transmitting it safely every single day, we would like to remind you that transmitting information online is never 100% safe.Our website contains links to other websites that may or may not be our partners. Benme does not guarantee nor is it responsible for the way these websites handle personal data. Should the User move onto other webpages through the aforementioned links, the User must first specify the privacy settings of those pages. The same procedure applies to logging in through social media or using social media sharing buttons/links.
Duration of the storage of personal data
The data is stored until the User has a Benme web service account or in instances when the data storage is required by legislation (such as the Accounting Act). After the User has deleted the account, the User’s data concerning produts and services is made anonymous and used for analytic purposes. The data of deleted Users are removed from spare copies and logs within 90 days after deletion.The User’s history of purchases is stored and it remains accessible to the Suppliers from whom the product and service has been purchased, and the companies whose benefits compensation has been used. However, this data is separated from the user account and all other personal data.
Correction and deletion of data
The User reserves the right to demand access, correction, and deletion of the data collected with the User’s consent at all times. In addition to that, the User has the right to stop unlawful data processing, withdraw consent, or to demand the transfer of the personal data. These procedures can be carried out under your profile options after the User logs into the Benme web service account or send an e-mail to It has to be taken into account that it is not possible to use the Benme web service, either personal or uploaded by the employer, once the User decides to disallow processing personal data or requests it to be deleted or transferred. Another aspect that has to be considered is that data cannot be deleted in its entirety because it may be stored on grounds other than the User’s consent. For example, your purchase history cannot be deleted because it is stored in compliance with the requirements of the Accounting Act. If Benme deleted your User Account owing to a breach of the user agreement, you have the right to demand the deletion of your personal data by sending an e-mail to . Benme processes all such claims independently and informs the user of if and when the claim will be satisfied.
Personal data transmitted to Benme by third parties
It is possible for employers to create user accounts for employees in our online environment. The user agreement of Benme services provides that each and every employee must consent to set up an account. Let us know immediately at if you have received an e-mail from us, stating that your employer or somebody else has created a Benme web service account in your name and you are sure that you have not agreed to this.
Compensation of employees’ benefits expenses
In case of benefits compensation by the employer, all of the employees’ names, personal identification numbers, and contact information (e-mail address and mobile phone number) are saved to the Benme database. The employer is transmitted the data of the compensation used if the User activates the Benme web service account and uses products and services. In addition to that, the employer has the right to the data of the used benefits compensation when such data is necessary for accounting procedures and for verifying that the compensation is used in the manner in which it was intended.
Forwarding direct marketing messages
If the User has consented to receive messages about suppliers products and services as well as news, Benme will be in charge of forwarding the corresponding messages. Neither Users’ personal data nor contact information is transmitted to Suppliers for the purpose of direct marketing. Direct marketing messages may be forwarded in a personalised manner according to the User’s age, sex, and data that Benme has collected about the User’s life habits. If the User does not wish to receive direct marketing messages, the User can choose to stop receiving them by visiting the settings section of the Users Benme web service and alternating the settings of how and which messages the User would like to receive. Links for unsubscribing are also included in all of the newsletters and direct marketing messages we send out.
Alternations to the Privacy Notice
Benme develops, legislation changes and life goes on. From time to time we may find it necessary to make alternations to this privacy notice. We will notify our Users of such alternations via the web site or e-mail.
Data protection officers
You may contact the data protection officer of Benme via e-mail at after communicating with our data protection officer the User feels that Benme does not fulfill the obligation of personal data protection with the required diligence and does not act in accordance with the present privacy notice, then you may inform the Lithuanian Data Protection Inspectorate, located in Vilnius, at Liudo Sapiegos street 17, 10312, and may be found online at 

Terms and conditions

General Terms and Conditions
Terms and definitions
1.1. Advance payment means the funds transferred to the Web Environment by the Client or the User, which can be used for purchasing the Services in the benme Web Environment.
1.2. Group Account means a User Account designed for the management of User groups in the Web Environment.
1.3. Administrator of the Group Account means a responsible User who manages the rights of the related User Accounts and data of the Group Account, and who has access to all options related to the Group Account and reporting in the Web Environment;
1.4. Price List means the list of prices displayed in the Web Environment that stipulates the prices of services offered by benme;
1.5. User means a natural person who has joined the Web Environment in person or who has been added by the Administrator of the Group Account;
1.6. User Account means the part of the Web Environment that is under the control of the User;
1.7. Client means a legal or natural person who uses the Web Environment.
1.8. Compensation means the funds related to the User Account and Group Account, with which the User can use the Client’s Advance Payment;
1.9. Ticket means the User’s right to the Service at the Service Provider on the conditions shown at the moment of purchase;
1.10. benme means Benme, UAB;
1.11. Service means the Service Provider’s product or service provided via the Web Environment (above all a health or sports service);
1.12. Service Provider is a legal or natural person in a contractual relationship with benme who offers the Service to Clients and users via benme;
1.13. Terms and Conditions mean the General Terms and Conditions, Price Lists, Privacy Notice, Service Conditions, User Conditions, and/or other standard terms and conditions established by benme;
1.14. Web Environment means the website owned by benme and the parts thereof which are accessible through the domain; in some countries locally also through a national domain ((;
Validity and amendment of the Terms and Conditions
2.1. The General Terms and Conditions ( apply to all Clients, Users, and Service Providers.
2.2. The Price List applies to all Clients. The Service Provider’s Terms and Conditions and the Price List apply to all Service Providers. The terms and conditions established by the Service Provider apply to the User of the Service of the respective Service Provider;
2.3. All Terms and Conditions are available for review in the bemne Web Environment;
2.4. benme has the right to unilaterally amend and supplement the Terms and Conditions and the Privacy Policy at any time. The amendments are published in the benme Web Environment and enter into force starting from the publication of the new terms and conditions in the Web Environment.
2.5. If benme has informed the Client, the Service Provider, and/or the User of the amendment of the Terms and Conditions and the Client, the Service Provider, and/or the User do not agree to the amendment of the Terms and Conditions, they will be entitled to cancel the Agreement by notifying thereof at least 14 calendar days in advance as of the receipt of the notice about the amendments.
2.6. benme may terminate the Agreement with a User without advance notice if the User has significantly violated these Terms and Conditions or the Service Provider’s Terms and Conditions for using the Service. Material violation means, inter alia, the following violations:
2.6.1. The User has submitted false information;
2.6.2. The User violates the obligations arising from the agreement signed with benme;
2.6.3. The User violates the rules established by the Service Provider for consuming the Service;
2.6.4. The User abuses the web environment and thereby puts benme or other Users at risk.
Nature and provision of the Service
3.1. benme mediates the Service Provider’s Services to the Clients and/or Users via the Web Environment;
3.2. The Service Provider stipulates the rules for purchasing and consuming the Service in the Web Environment;
3.3. Keeping a user account in the Web Environment is free of charge;
3.4. Only the User has the right to purchase the Service or initiate its use;
3.5. Payment for the Service takes place via the Advance Payment or Compensation of the User Account, if possible, preferring the Compensation;
3.6. Upon partial payment for the Service via the Web Environment, the missing funds are reimbursed upon agreement with the Service Provider (e.g. in cash, with a card payment at the site, etc.);
3.7. If so permitted by the Service Provider, the User may buy the ticket in the Web Environment or at the site of the Service Provider of the Service;
3.8. Advance Payment is made in the manner described in the Web Environment; as a rule, with a bank transfer to the bank account of benme, using the reference number of the Client or the User;
3.9. The unused Advance Payment of the User is returned when the User Account is deleted;
3.10. If the User has bought a ticket, but the Service is not provided to them for reasons attributable to the Service Provider, the User has the right to get a refund of the finances within the value of the ticket in its User Account;
3.11. If the User has bought a ticket and made an appointment for using the Service but does not actually use the Service, the Service Provider has the right to mark the ticket as used. In this case, the funds belong to the Service Provider;
3.12. If the User has bought a ticket, but the Service is not rendered and no appointment is made for using the Service, the funds reserved for the ticket belong to benme.
3.13. The User Account is personal and can be used solely by the User. The User is prohibited to grant the use of its User Account to other persons;
3.14. The Services and tickets are sold and reversed only through the Web Environment.
Personal data protection, processing, and direct marketing
4.1. benme owns the copyright to the benme Web Environment, including the software, databases, and graphic design;
4.2. benme suspends access to User Accounts that contain false information until the correction of the data. If the data is not corrected within 14 days after notifying the User, benme will have the right to delete the User Account. The above applies to all accounts in benme;
4.3. In the event of a suspected scam, benme will have the right to close the account related to the suspicion and suspend transactions;
4.4. The data processing principles, available on the website at, are applied to the personal data gathered in the Web Environment and in relation to that.
User rights and obligations
5.1. The User shall follow the Terms and Conditions of Using the Service established by the Service Provider;
5.2. Liability for the violation of the rules established by the Service Providers lies with the User who has committed the violation, and not benme;
5.3. The User shall keep in secret the access to the User Account and if third persons have gained access, shall inform benme immediately thereof;
5.4. The User has a right to the Service when he or she has bought a ticket;
5.5. The User presents correct data to benme and monitors on a current basis that the submitted data are up to date. The Client is liable for the accuracy of the presented data.
Obligations and liability of the Parties
6.1. The Parties to the transaction of providing the Service are the User and the Service Provider;
6.2. benme is not liable for the fulfillment of the obligations arising from the agreement signed between the Service Provider and the User;
6.3. benme is not liable for the harm caused to the Users during the use of the Service (such as injuries, medical costs), as well as proprietary damage (such as loss or theft of personal belongings);
6.4. The User presents true data to benme and monitors on a current basis that the submitted data are up to date.
Force majeure
7.1. The Parties shall be fully or partly released from the fulfilment of obligations arising from and relating to the Agreement during the period when this is prevented by force majeure, whereas the Parties shall take all measures to avoid causing damage to the other Party and to ensure the performance of the Agreement to the furthest possible extent. The occurrence of the force majeure must be certified by the Party who wishes to refer to the circumstances of force majeure as grounds to be released from liability arising from the legislation or the Agreement for the failure to fulfil or undue fulfilment of the obligations assumed under the Agreement;
7.3. Upon the occurrence of the circumstances of force majeure, the Party shall inform the other Party thereof in writing immediately;
7.4. Upon the occurrence of the circumstances of force majeure, all deadlines set out in the Agreement shall be extended by the period of occurrence of these circumstances. If the circumstances of force majeure last for more than one month, the Parties have the right to cancel the Agreement.
Other terms and conditions
8.1. The Parties may not transfer any rights and obligations under the Agreement to any third parties without the prior written consent of the other Party;
8.2. Any notices forwarded by the Parties in relation to the Agreement shall be in a format that can be reproduced in writing;
8.3. In the performance of the Agreement and in case of disputes arising from the Agreement, the Parties shall follow the legislation of the Republic of Estonia;
8.4. An effort is made to resolve the disputes arising from the agreement by agreement of the Parties. If an agreement is not reached, the dispute shall be resolved in Harju County Court.
8.5. The Agreement is deemed concluded when the User has confirmed in the benme Web Environment that it consents to the Terms and Conditions of this Agreement.