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Consulting and diagnostic service

Every business is different, so to create a personalized benefits package for your team, we want to know you better. We offer a consulting and business process diagnostic service to create a tailored solution for your staff.

Consulting Service

Let’s dive deeper into knowing your team. We use a holistic approach in creating custom-built benefits packages. We analyze your company based on the best market, industry, and regional practices.

Concierge service

The last step towards a happier and more productive staff. Based on your business and team needs, we make a personalized benefits list and walk you through the implementation process.

Adding existing benefits

Do you already have a list of vendors and services that your team loves? Let us make it easier for you to enjoy your favorite benefits!

Benefits marketplace

Benme marketplace gathers your top vendors and benefits under one roof.

Benefits programs for individuals

We support diversity, which starts by embracing individuality. We tailor offers based on your team’s preferences to define their favorite services. When we have the list of vendors, we take care of implementing and administering the benefits.

Greetings and gifts

Celebrate what matters the most - your team. Send pre-planned gifts for their birthdays, promotions, anniversaries, and other life events worth celebrating.

Analytics and reports

Be on top of all the benefits. Track your spendings, vendors, team activity, services, and products to optimize the benefits and get the most out of them.

Billing and administrative services

Forget about dull administrative tasks. We’ve got you covered - we administer your vendors and automate the billing process.

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